Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spiritual Healer?

Well, I listened to the recording of Hand Analyst, Beth Davis going over some of my gift markings with me again.

I did know about the Apollo star and that she was going to tell me that I was to have “fame and fortune in the arts,” and that I knew I wasn’t going to like hearing it… though I know that’s part of what I’m supposed to do.

But she also said, (and I guess that first part blew me away so much, I could hardly comprehend the rest of the call) regarding my “line of clairvoyance” and the fact that I have the “gifted healer” lines too, that my life purpose is… now get this… and I quote, “a Successful, Well-Paid, Spiritual Healer in the Spotlight.”

She also clarified I might want to call the position as a “Crisis of Meaning Consultant,” whereas I can help those who are finally beginning to see the light of spirituality, but need help and support crossing that bridge, or coming out of the “spiritual closet,” so to speak.

So, would that be, “Spiritual Crisis of Meaning Consultant,” or Crisis of Spiritual Meaning Consultant?” I don’t think I like the word “crisis.” But people are having trouble dealing with trying to understand and alter their beliefs.

I don’t have a problem with spirituality, so how can I help?

By supporting and pointing out the obvious to those ready to listen to their own inner wisdom.

The line of clairvoyance shows I am in tune to a “higher spirit radio,” as Beth puts it. (Reminds me of the old Bluegrass song.. “Turn Your Radio On.”) I know I’m in tune.. guess I just never knew how much. She said, according to my hands, I am a “Master of Universal Law.” Pretty cool, huh? Actually, I’m quite stunned cause hands don’t lie. Do I get a certificate or something?

I know that I get it, and I know that most people don’t and won’t until they are ready. And I do know that the collective consciousness is shifting (which is a relief). And now, somehow I’m here to help those starting to understand that there’s much more to life than what we were taught by our parents, tradition and society.

I think, it’s time to tell my tale. Kinda like my buddy, Tom Justin, an ultra-successful business coach, did. Just recently he came out of his proverbial "spiritual closet" and told the world of his remarkable experiences beginning when he was a young man. He, like me, never told cause people would think he was crazy. (And yeah, back then, they would have.)

So, as I sort this out further, I’ll draw a few pictures, restring my guitar, and begin pecking out my remarkable story for the world to know.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Artist in the Spotlight.. YIKES!

Last night, Beth Davis, my hand analyst, nailed me to the wall during her Life Vision Purpose tele-class about “gift markers in your hand.”

I was in the hot-seat and with my hand prints in front of her. First she said I have a line of clairvoyance, (a curved line running up from the wrist to the pinkie) meaning my intuition is highly developed and I need listen to my gut.

Then she got to what I was afraid of most… the huge Apollo star on my left hand.

An asterisk like star under the ring finger means “artist in the spotlight.” Artist part I get; in the spotlight is the terrifying. And the funny thing is… I knew she was going to blast me.

She did! And after the call was over, I couldn’t stop crying.

It was hard talking to her, being open and honest… an emotional authenticity thing… but I did. Beth congratulated me on stepping up to the plate, and said she could hear so much emotion in my voice. And that I need to get paid for what I do best, what comes naturally (well heck, it’s a GIFT), and what I love.

I haven’t done much drawing in several years (pen & ink), but it’s time to start up again. Oh, I know it could also mean guitar playing, or writing (writing.. the least of my fears), but all I could think of was drawing… I need to draw.

In tears, I called my fabulous fella after the class. I told him what she said. He concurred, and said he’s been telling me that for years. That I do wonderful work, and people will pay.

We were at the Getty Center a week or so ago, and came across and exhibit with pen and inks. He told me, “You can do that!” I could only stare at the works and say, “I know.”

I know.

Beth asked, what frightened me the most?

Fear of exposing my soul, because that’s what it is, my soul coming out, naked for all the world to see. I’d almost rather walk around naked.

Also, the fear of rejection. Yes, what if they don’t like it? Well some people won’t, but Beth said succinctly, and I know this too, I’m not doing it for them, I’m doing it for me. Only for me, and for fulfilling my life’s purpose.

And you know what? It feels good when I do. When I draw, when I play guitar, when I write creatively.

It feels good. It feels right.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Emotional Authenticity

Emotional Authenticity...

What the heck does that mean? According to my fingerprints, I am in both the “schools” of Love and Wisdom.

Being in the school of love (seven or more loop prints—I have eight), I am here to learn to love myself and others. To stay present with myself and my emotions and convey my feelings, in other words, don’t hold back.

And I do hold back. I keep it all tucked in tight. I think I’m better now with age, but I still don’t want to face certain scenarios. Avoidance is so much easier, sigh. And though, I do face up to my responsibilities, I tend to wait to the last minute (procrastination—a school of wisdom thing).

So, emotional authenticity means being true to oneself; saying “yes” to oneself; exposing oneself by saying what you feel?

Loving oneself and others… I feel love for others all the time. Especially animals and plants (they don’t often talk back). Oh, I love my kids and family, my friends (close ones of which are few), but I do tend to keep to myself. A hermit in magician’s clothes.

Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.

Which leads to the school of Wisdom (two or more tented arched fingerprints). Utilize what you know. Quit being an observer, (I’m so good at that, I love being an observer) and tell others because you do KNOW so much.

It’s all about learning, and that’s what I love to do… learn, But the school of wisdom says, I need to let the knowledge out. Speak up. Voice a knowledgeable opinion. There’s so much stuff I do know about, and sometimes, I’m amazed at myself… but at the same time, so little I know. I humble down.

The school of wisdom is not about acquiring wisdom, it’s about releasing it.
I’m a Virgo, and a healer (typical Virgo) with many vertical lines beneath my pinky finger. A healer to healers.

I don’t know much about how a car functions, that’s what I pay the nice man for, but I do know how people function.

I’m very interested in what’s ailing you. I want to fix it. I KNOW I can.
So the school of Wisdom places me in the lion’s den of knowing, but not voicing.
Talk to me.

It’s time for me to voice.