Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Last night I was going through an old day-planner of mine looking for a list on “How to Be a Successful Dreamer,” that I remember jotting down in a doctor’s office from the October, 1987 edition of Life magazine.

Well I found the list all right, and I found short, medium and long term goals lists I had written for myself back in the day… WOW! Almost everything was check off! I have my dream house, banjos, piano.. I even baked the fruit cakes! I just have to get all the traveling done.

"Learn to sew" was one of them… I don’t have a clue what I was thinking with that one? Oh well.

I believe the article was called, “Avoid the Vanilla Syndrome.” And here’s the list I copied down…

“How to be a Successful Dreamer”

1. Avoid the vanilla syndrome. (Try something new, explore, live a little, live a LOT!)
2. Start young. (Do what comes naturally.)
3. Choose your parents. (This one’s a little tough.. I think I did a pretty good job with this one, my parents were wonderful. I have a note next to this one saying, "let your children be free.")
4. READ. (No problem.)
5. Have an awkward adolescence. (Gee that one took me to age 40.)
6. Be male. (Be aggressive, in a positive way, of course.)
7. Choose a nurturing spouse. (Well.. I’m working on it.)
8. Live in a place you love. (I think this is VERY important!)
9. Know what makes you happy. (Oh yeah, baby!)
10. Don’t give up. (We really don’t have much choice.)
11. Don’t grow up. (Big thumbs up on that one too!)

I also found a few rough drafts of some stories I wrote about the kids when they were little. I have to get them spiffed up and posted. The kids (the youngest 17) loved reading them. It was fun to find!

I can honestly say, I am very content with my life, and there’s very little I need or want. Travel and write, write and travel.

A couple years ago, a gentleman friend asked me on our second date, do I always get what I want? I had to think about it a moment, and honestly replied, yes, I mostly do, sometimes it just takes a while. He said he did too. And for both of us, we didn’t mean it in a greedy way, but in a very good way.

Several months later I saw The Secret and BING. I all ready knew it. The lights went on! That’s what my friend was talking about.. manifesting! He already had it pegged, but just had a different language for it.

The Secret talked about many techniques and principles I already knew and practiced and believed from forever, but never really talked to anyone about because they’d think I was nuts or they would just plain not listen.

Now, well, I’m still nuts. And sometimes people listen (because it’s more acceptable now), but many still won’t hear. All in good time, my pretties, all in good time.

So I’ll work on a new long-term list.. wow, ten years from now just think of what a wonderful life I’ll have!

Dream big, people! And know well.