Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who are Your Top Teachers?

Question of the day… Who are your top teachers?

Of my 50-some-odd-years, the very first that always comes to mind are my high-school teachers, Mr. Yee (horticulture and so much more), and Mr. Johnson (art). I thank them both for seeing so much more in me that I did.

My mother and father, of course. They were wonderful parents. Thanks Mom and Dad!

My three children. My, my, my… and I never wanted kids. Thanks gang.

As of the last couple years, Rich German, Beath Davis, Judith and Jim.

And most recently, Neale Donald Walsch, “Conversations with God.”

All my wonderful friends and relations (ex-husband included)… they’ve all been blessings. Thank you!

Even my little brother. Thanks Bro.

Plants and animals… and oh, so much/many more, but it would all be the stuff of a memoire (which I’ve written).

And thank you, Vishen, of FinerMinds for the question, and all your wisdom and teaching too!

So, tell me... who are your top teachers (so far)?


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